What does XMW means? What does XMW stands for?
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Some say, it stands for Xtreme Midget Wresteling. Some say, something totaly different... But what's really the definition of XMW?
XMW: Definition of xmw , meaning of xmw, XMegaWave

Some european universities have developed a freeware image processing environment, named XMegaWave (XMW). It runs on Unix workstations or Linux machines, running Motif and X11 windows libraries.

XMW includes some classical procedures for image processing (edge detection, segmentation, morphological filters). But the important thing is that XMW is also a programming library, where the user can implement his own image processing algorythm in C in a very very very easy way. The time needed to write the code and debug it is very short, so you can obtain results rapidly. AND SO ON...

I'ts quite simple really, XMW stands for... nothing really... it used to stand for Xtreme Messenger Web but that's a long time ago...Then i suddenly received a letter from Microsoft that i needed to remove a lot of content from my site due to copyrights... so now you know the real meaning!

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